What is Torrent || Torrent Sites List

You may already be familiar with the word torrent when downloading movies or software.

What is Torrent

Torrent is basically a method of file sharing. But for new users, using torrents can be a daunting task.

How Torrent works

Simply put, torrent is a tool used to download various materials from the internet. Basically most people use torrents only when the file size is large. From torrent to music, movies, games, software – everything can be downloaded for free.

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Note that some ISPs i.e. internet service providers block torrent sites. Torrent sites are also banned in several countries. So be sure to use VPN as part of the necessary security when using torrents to protect against copyright issues.

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The advantage of using torrents:

One of the main advantages of using torrent is that it downloads a file from different sources. As a result, even if one source becomes invalid, the download is completed automatically using another source.

Another interesting thing is that if the download on torrent stops for any reason, it does not start again from the beginning. If for some reason the computer is turned off before the end of the file download, then whenever you turn on the computer, the previously downloaded file will be downloaded from the previous state.

More download speeds are available for torrent downloads from general download sites. It is also very easy to find downloaded files from torrent.

Torrent’s difficulty

If you want to download a file from torrent, you need a CD. If there is no seed for a file, no matter how hard you try, you will never be able to download that file.

One of the major drawbacks of using torrents is that you cannot be sure in advance what you are downloading. This means that you will not be able to know for sure that you are downloading your desired file.

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Torrent’s advantage is that we talk about higher download speeds, but sometimes it provides extremely low download speeds. However, if you have a high speed internet connection, you can solve this problem by connecting a VPN.

Rules for downloading from torrent
The advantages and disadvantages of using torrents both exist. There is no pair of torrents to download various files from the internet for free. Banglatech24 does not support torrent download or file piracy. This tutorial is for learning purposes only.

torrent sites,what is torrent,how torrent works
torrent sites,what is torrent,how torrent works

Let’s find out how to download torrent.

  •  Step 1: Install Torrent Client
    No matter which device you go to download torrent from, you will need torrent client software to download torrent. There are many types of torrent clients on the Internet E.g. uTorrent, BitTorrent etc. However, download any torrent client software from their official website. In this case, the loss of fake or modified version can be avoided.
  • Step 2: Find a reliable torrent site
    After installing the torrent client software, the task now is to find a reliable website to download the torrent file. Torrent sites do not host any files. These only serve as indexes of the torrent file. Here the files are stored on other people’s computers. There are two types of torrent tracker sites –
  • Public Trackers: You can find such torrent sites by searching Google. These torrent sites are open to everyone.
    Private Trackers: These types of sites cannot be used without special accounts or invitations. However, the download speed on these sites is relatively better than public trackers sites.
    There are numerous torrent sites on the Internet. Before using any site, make sure the site is completely secure.
  • Step 3: Find the file
    Not all torrent files are created in the same process, resulting in differences in download time. That’s why you need to know about Seeder and Leecher.
  • Cedar is for people who have downloaded 100% of Torrent’s data. This means that others can basically download torrent files from their device. Leachers on the other hand are those who are downloading torrents. Become a Leacher Cedar after the download process is complete.

One thing to note is that many people use the same file at the same time on torrent. Due to this, download speed is often seen less So it is better to download torrent files with more cedars. It has higher download speeds.

  • Step 4: Download the file
    After downloading the torrent file from the torrent site, enter the torrent client software. Once you open the torrent from which you want to download the file, the download will start automatically. The client software attaches to many cedars and downloads files. Even if the speed is low at the beginning of the download, there is no reason to panic. Download speed will increase in some time.
torrent sites,what is torrent,how torrent works
torrent sites,what is torrent,how torrent works

Hopefully, you have got the overall idea of ​​torrent download from the mentioned tutorial. Let us know your experience about torrent in the comments section.

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