Things that should not be done during the period-পিরিয়ডের সময় যা যা করা উচিত নয়

During the period, girls have various problems. The most common of these are lower abdominal pain, stomach cramps, etc. During this time many rules have to be followed. But most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves. As a result, various physical problems can cause danger.

Things that should not be done during the period-পিরিয়ডের সময় যা যা করা উচিত নয়

At this time the body should eat nutritious food. It is also important not to run, to walk slowly, to change clothes or pads on time, to keep clean, etc. There are also some things that can be dangerous for a lifetime. Let’s not know what those jobs are –


Dairy foods: Milk foods are good for our body.
But during the period they are again
Became harmful. Because of the contaminated blood that comes out of our body during the period, they also become toxic. So eating milk, cheese, yoghurt at this time increases the secretion level of a particular hormone so much that it causes other physical problems.

Fried food: During the period, the work of other functions of the body is weakened. So the stomach eats more fried food
Problems may occur. Because this time
Many people have stomach problems.

A pad: dirty or not
However, a pad should never be used for hours on end. This is because using a pad or the same cloth all day can cause bacterial or fungal attacks. This can lead to white discharge, PID, UTI, trichomoniasis, moniliasis, etc.

Excess salt: Eating more salt at this time increases the body’s pain. Especially eating French fries is more painful for the body. So you should refrain from foods that are high in salt at this time.

Physical Relationships: According to many,
If you make a physical relationship at this time
There is no chance of getting pregnant. Even if this idea is correct, the possibility of infection in the body increases at this time. That is why different diseases attack in physical intercourse This can cause serious damage to the body. Moreover, in Islam, physical intercourse has been forbidden at this time

Cold Drinks: Many people drink cold drinks at this time thinking that drinking will hit the body. As a result, digestion will be better, stomach pain will be less, discharge will end soon But long-term research has shown that drinking cold drinks at this time increases the chances of cancer many times over. Also cold drinks
Playing increases the chances of various physical damage.

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