NetFlix Online Streaming Trick [Watch Free NetFlix]

Due to Corona, the number of people watching media streaming content from home has increased manifold. And like other countries in the world, the number of Netflix users is increasing day by day in our Bangladesh. Especially in the India Regions, Netflix is ​​releasing their subscription packages at a separate chip rate. However, there is still no opportunity to watch for free, so many people in the country have not yet come under Netflix. So what if I said that you can enjoy all the content on Netflix for free without any kind of account? Yes, I will discuss this topic in today’s post.

Always I start with Android, but today I am starting with iOS.

For iOS users
To watch iOS devices on Netflix for free, you first need to install an app called WATCHED from the store. Download the app by clicking here.


Once the app is downloaded and installed, launch the app. You need to set it up after the first launch. To do this, tap on the + button above.

Now under Install Bundle section you have to type, then tap on Continue button.

Wait a while until the bundle is installed. Depending on your internet speed, the waiting time may be shorter / longer. Once installed, you will be able to view most of the current Netflix content.

The reason for saying “most” here is that Netflix has separate servers by region. As of now you will not see The New Mutans on Netflix in India but the movie is already on the American server!

For Android users
Watched has its own app for Android as well as Apple, but unfortunately you will not find the app in the Play Store. You need to download the app separately.

To install the app, visit their official site, click here to download the Android app.

Once the app is installed, launch it. Then tap on the + icon above.

On the bundle installation page, type and continue.

Once the bundle is installed you will see all the content on the home page.

Windows PC users
In the same way you can enjoy Netflix content on Windows. First download the WATCHED tool to your PC. Download the tool by clicking here.

Now you need to install the bundle from the Manager option. Enter and continue.

Click on the movie / TV series you want to watch. And choose the server of your choice and start enjoying the movie. Note that you will not get net speed like Netflix on the server here.

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