Height Growing-How to Grow height

Your height is very important for your personality and Parents start paying attention to the height of children from childhood. Many children are also given medicines on the advice of doctors Even after doing so much, the height of many people is not increased Such parents also sit down disappointed when they do not succeed in trying for the height of the children
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Children can also stop paying attention to their height by growing up People believe that the height stops growing after an age  but it’s not like that. You can increase your height at any age by adopting some home remedies
Ashwagandha–  According to Ayurveda Ashwagandha helps in increasing the Height  Ashwagandha contains nutritious elements that strengthen bones and help them grow. For this, mix two spoons of Ashwagandha powder in hot milk and  Mix sugar according to your needs and consume it every night before going to bed
Drink Milk–  Milk contains very much calcium which is really important for our bones and Milk contains not only calcium but also vitamin A as well which is necessary for the growth of our body.
Do Yoga– Yoga naturally helps in increasing the Height There are many yoga position which make hormones that increase body height Tadasana and Suryanamskara  position help in increasing the Height
Stretch the body– Exercise and stretch helps increase a good height Apart from exercise and stretch, sports activities like cycling, swimming can also help you increase height after the age of 25
Get enough sleep– It has been proved in many research that by taking complete sleep growth hormones are produced properly At bedtime, the bones become strong and their length increases.
Take a good diet- 
A diet rich in fish
green vegetables
vitamin D, etc should be taken

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