Fast Typing TIPS And MARKETPLACE _Earn Money By Fast Typing

We’ve all seen more or less typing fast. But can we do that in pairs? Let’s not know why and how fast typing can be done.

Fast Typing Marketplace and TIPS
First of all you need to know why we do fast typing?

Fast typing can help you a lot. Just like you used to take about 90 minutes to type a 500 word text, if your speed doubles then you can write that 500 word in just 45 minutes. If you can finish writing, then you have 45 minutes more time than before. At this time, if you want, you can do the work of your choice. Again, you can write two texts at the same time as before.


Let’s all come to the main curiosity of how to type fast. You can do several things to type fast. Typing without seeing will come first. Yes, try typing without seeing. You don’t have to look at the keyboard and when we look at the keyboard from the monitor, there is some time left. Then come typing with 10 fingers because it takes time to move the same finger from one place to another if you want to type with only two fingers which is why typing cannot be done so fast. So type with 10 fingers in the right way. Type in words as much as possible because one study has shown that typing with words naturally increases the speed of typing. And if you want you can learn to type quickly using different typing tutor applications.

Practice the above rules for an hour daily, within a few weeks you will see a clear improvement in your typing speed.

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