8 Surprising benefits of Pomegranate

1. Pomegranate benefit

If we drink one glass of pomegranate juice every day then it will be very beneficial for our body because by drinking pomegranate juice daily our blood will conduct well and our body will be completely healthy

2 . Pomegranate benefit in pregnancy
If a woman is pregnant so consuming one pomegranate everyday will give strength to her and her child due to which she can get many properties of pomegranate so her baby will also born healthy So we can say that a pregnant woman gets a lot of benefits by consuming pomegranate

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3. Pomegranate benefit for skin
Pomegranate is a healthy fruit and if you use pomegranate daily so it will enhance your skin but you have to pay more attention to one thing here if you want to make your skin more beautiful so you will have to consume pomegranate for a long time when you consume pomegranate for a long time only then it will affect your skin

4. Pomegranate benefit for teeth
Dry the pomegranate full in the shade and grind it finely then rub its powder into your teeth if you plan to do this then your teeth will be strong this is also a good advantage of pomegranate if there is a cut on the inside of your mouth and there is blood coming out of it then you can apply this powder to that chopped part and the blood will stop coming out

5. Pomegranate benefit in jaundice
Peel a sweet pomegranate and take out 50 grams of its juice and place it in an iron vessel and keep it on the open terrace at night and in the morning before the sun was lifted from the roof and mix small amount of sugar candy in that juice and drink it continuously for 20-25 days If you do this then if you have jaundice then it will be alright before doing all this take care of this thing carefully In the meantime you have to avoid any kind of sourness, meaning that you do not have to eat any kind of sourness this medicine will work well only when you avoid sourness this is also a great advantage in pomegranate benefits

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6. Pomegranate benefit for coughpomegranate
First of all finely grind 20 grams of sweet pomegranate peel by grinding salt then after that add some water in it and make it into small balls of 1-1 gram and 3 times a day take 2-2 tablets in mouth In this too, you have to avoid sourness If you want to do this then you will get relief from cough very soon along with this you can take 6 grams of pomegranate peel and boil it in milk and drink it in the morning by doing this you will get relief from cough

7. Pomegranate benefit for urination
First of all take a fresh pomegranate peel and then grind it finely and then eat 4 grams of fresh water mixed with it twice a day because It gives relief from the pain If you do this work continuously for minimum 10 days then you will stop urinating frequently so you have to avoid rice in doing this thing and do not eat rice until you do this

8. Pomegranate benefit in night fall
Eating 3 grams of Kandhari pomegranate peel finely with water in the morning and evening can cure night fall you should do this work continuously for 10 days while doing that you should avoid sourness as we told you earlier also and do not consume milk at night If you do this work continuously for 10 days then we can say with confidence that your night fall problem will definitely go away

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