Affiliate Marketing Basic for Beginners

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I warn you at the beginning of the article – if you are thinking of making money on the easy road, please stay away from this tune of mine. Because I know, it is not possible to earn income on easy roads here. Only those who are diligent and honest will be able to earn income in this way, Inshallah. I earn income by following this method myself. That is what I will teach you.


Find out at the beginning how much income you will make?

Goal: The goal of our chain tutorial is to earn-300-1000 per month by spending three to four months.

This tutorial of mine is arranged in 12 episodes. These episodes will be released in 3 months. In three months you will learn to work hand-in-hand on the computer. If you want, you can start working as well as learning. But my advice is- start after learning the job. Then after learning the job for three months, you will implement the tasks for the next three months. That is a total of 6 months transition period. If you work these six months, your minimum income from the seventh month will be ড 1000 per month. And if you start working in the first three months, that is, after learning the job, then after the first three months, that is, from the fourth month, your income will start with about 300 dollars inshallah.

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Warning! No friends. There is no shortcut or easy way to earn income. You have to work hard for a minimum of 3 months. Also please don’t waste time here. Absolutely not!



A simple math
How many years does it take to pass Masters in the conventional education system of Bangladesh? The answer is 18 years (Primary 5 years + High School 5 years + College 2 years + Honors 4 years + Masters 1 year = 18 years). Isn’t it? After studying for these seventeen years, the boys and girls of our country are happy when they get a job for 15,000 rupees a month. So after 16 years of hard work, if you expect 15 thousand rupees, then how do you think of earning thousands of dollars without any time online? Heads up, friends! So I would say- easy road means evasive road. Wasted a lot of time in different directions. Excluding all, let’s learn something truly professional. I benefit myself and make the country prosperous.

Who is this tutorial for?
Just for you! Yes, for you if you are honest, courageous, hardworking and determined to take on challenges. Then this tutorial is for you.


What qualifications are required?
No additional qualifications are required. If you are familiar with the online world, you know pretty much everything. I’ll just teach you what to use. Note that if the knife is in the hands of the snatcher, it is deadly, and if it is in the hands of the doctor, it is life-giving. Isn’t that so? Google, Facebook and Twitter will play a big role in my work. You will also need some websites like YouTube, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Pinterest. But they are not so much. You can learn more from this tutorial. So even if you don’t know about any of the above websites, there is no problem.


Who is this tutorial for?
Not for you if you-
– Want to earn income on easy roads
– Want to make income in a short time
– Want to earn income without hard work
– I don’t have the mentality to work
– Want to be rich on the shortcut way
– If you are lazy
– If you are not willing to take the challenge ….

Now it is up to you to decide whether this tutorial is for you or not.


What will we learn?
This episode is just for planning. So let’s learn what to learn and how to learn. I will first give a summary of what I will learn in the form of points:

Episode – 01: Amazon Nice Site Planning
Episode – 02: Keyword Research: The Most Important Part of Amazon Affiliate Marketing
Episode – 03: Nice Site Competition Analysis Strategy
Episode – 04: Choosing the Perfect Domain and Best Hosting for Nice Site
Episode – 05: Paid Domains and Hosting Alternatives [Those who can’t afford to buy domain hosting]
Episode – 08: Nice site design using the right method [without coding knowledge]
Episode – 06: Writing / collecting and sorting the necessary content for Nice site
Episode – 08: Perfect On-Page SEO Of Nice Site Using Just One Method
Episode – 09: How to Apply for an Amazon Associates Account?
Episode – 10: Do Off-Page SEO in just three steps
Episode – 11: Add Amazon Affiliate Link to Nice Site and Start Earning
Episode – 12: Passive Income from Nice Site

What is the maximum amount of money that can be earned from Amazon Affiliate?
An affiliate marketer by the name of Pat Flynn earns about one crore rupees every month. What, do not believe? OK, check out Pat Flynn’s October Income Here: Pat Flynn October 2015 Earnings Report.

If you go online, you will find many more like this. The funny thing is: you have seen a lot of earning in TT. But do you know who earns the most? Who is the king of the online world? Yes, that’s right- affiliate marketers are the king of the online world. They earn the most. Even in our country.

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. But the people of our country, what can we do? I personally know many affiliate marketers in Bangladesh whose income is 20 lakh to 40 lakh rupees per month. What is not believed? Wondering why they don’t publish earnings reports? What do you think? In this environment of Bangladesh, when you earn only 5 lakh rupees per month from sitting at home; Will you publish it? I don’t think so.

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